Chris Lyons is an Illustrator, educator, swimmer, and pass-first point guard. And hopelessly addicted to all of 'em. And he loves to do great illustrations for great clients. 

His work has appeared with some regularity in the CA Illustration Annual, American Illustration, The Society of Illustrators LA, 3x3 Pro Illustration and Creative Quarterly. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member in the School of Graphic Design and the School of Industrial Design at RIT, in Rochester, NY.



Pentagram, Forbes, World Wildlife Magazine, United States Postal Service, Road & Track Mag, Amazon, Consumer Reports, Boston Brewing Co, Sam Adams, AARP Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Lufthansa Airlines, Conde Nast Traveler, Penguin/Randomhouse Publishing, MillerCoors, Inc Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Monocle Magazine (London), Scholastic, The Truth Collective, Partners + Napier, Martino Flynn, Eric Mower, Freightliner, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Washington Post, McCann Erickson, LA Magazine, Cramer-Kressalt, AirTran, Abelson Taylor, Prendel, GE, Utne Reader, Bicycling Magazine, Target, Popsicle, Master Card, Mattel, Georgia Pacific and American Express to name a few.

Call him. He loves this stuff. You can hear him smiling over the phone. 585-615-2781

Instagram:  HeDrawsThings

Twitter:  @HeDrawsThings


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